Luu Thuong grass weaving village


Discover Luu Thuong village, Phuc Tuc commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi, to witness the methods used to produce exquisite products made of guot grass (a species of fern). This craft has been preserved here since the 17th century.

Luu Thuong villagers take "guot" grass from the northern mountainous provinces of Yen Bai, Lang Son, Cao Bang and Bac Kan, where this species of fern is very popular and is of optimal quality.

They combine ‘guot’ with other materials such as sedge, corn leaves, rattan, bamboo and water hyacinths, to create various products with thousands of different designs.

In addition to being favoured in domestic market, Luu Thuong’s products have been exported to many foreign countries around the world including the US, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India and various nations in the Middle East.

Let`s see how Luu Thuong people process beautiful craft products from "guot" grass:


Dying Guot grass on the village road

Visiting Luu Thuong at any time, tourists can see the elderly combing grass.

Drying finish productsLàng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng Initially, Luu Thuong villagers only split grass to supply other locals and neighboring districts. However, there was more demand for grass products, so several households here promoted manufacturing and produced more creative and beautiful products.Làng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng

Normally, to make a complete product, each maker usually has to complete several steps like washing grass

Làng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng

then drying grass

Làng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng Whitening productsLàng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng Polishing productsLàng nghề đan cỏ tế ở Lưu Thượng Finish products
Photo: VNP/VNE

Compiled by Pha Le

Source: VietNamNet

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