The teacher who inspires thousands of students


Thousands of students burst into crying when teacher Nguyen Thanh Nhan talked about  parents and how students should behave towards teachers. 

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Teacher Nguyen Thanh Nhan

During his teaching mission in northern provinces in early 2018, Nguyen Thanh Nhan held 15 sessions in Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong and Nam Dinh, inspiring thousands of students with his lectures.

The lesson on how to become a man

At the Nhat Tan Secondary School in Hanoi, students were moved to tears when the teacher told them to show gratitude to their parents. “Don’t let it happen that after your father dies, you kneel next to the coffin, cry lustily and say ‘I’m so sorry dad’. He won’t be able to hear your words,” the teacher said. About the parents’ infinite love towards their children, Nhan said: “Your parents must be thinking about you at this moment somewhere, no matter if they took you to school this morning or you went to school on your feet.”

Thousands of students burst into crying when teacher Nguyen Thanh Nhan talked about  parents and how students should behave towards teachers. 

“There is no excuse not to say ‘sorry’ when you make mistakes. If you have any wrong behavior, please come to see your teachers when the lesson finishes and apologize to them,” he told students. “If you do this, all your faults will be dispelled. It’s so easy to say ‘sorry’. Why can’t you do that?” he said. The clip of Nhan’s lecture posted on Youtube has attracted millions of views and hundreds of comments. Many viewers said they were touched when listening to the lecture. “The teacher has become well known. His lecture is not a dry theoretical morality lesson. He related student-friendly stories. I listened to the lesson several times and I believe students like his lessons,” said Nguyen Quy Hoa, a parent in Cau Giay. At An Lao High School in Hai Phong City, Nhan’s lecture on living with three responsibilities also caused students to cry.

From heart to heart

Nhan is proud of his lessons, saying that students’ attitudes and thoughts may change by 30-40 percent, or even up to 60-70 percent if students can share their thoughts and consult with parents and relatives. According to Nhan, to succeed in life, one needs 20 percent of science lessons and 80 percent of lessons about life skills. Students only receive academic theoretical knowledge at school and rarely approach lessons about morality and feelings towards parents and family members. Asked about the ‘know-how’ to conquer students’ hearts, Nhan said he doesn’t have any special skills. “What comes from the heart will touch the heart,” he said.

Mai Lan

Source: VietNamNet

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