Bars continue showing World Cup despite copyright issues


Cafes and restaurants which are popular places for football fans in Vietnam were shocked after Vietnam Television announced at a short notice that they must ask permission for broadcasting World Cup.

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According to VTV, mass public viewing sessions of World Cup matches without their permission is a copyright violation no matter if they are free of charge or not. Local free-to-air and pay television, online websites and mobile apps that can air the matches must seek broadcasting permission from FIFA and VTV.

Online newspapers are also required to ask for permission if they want to use video clips of the matches.

Copyright management is tightened as FIFA warned that it may stop broadcasting World Cup in Vietnam if violations are detected.

Many cafes along Bao Khanh, Ba Trieu, and Ho Dac Di streets have already put up banners for World Cup group watching with various discounts programmes and World Cup-related activities are being held and advertised. 

A cafe owner on Bao Khanh Street said, "VTV bought broadcasting rights for previous World Cups and Euro Championship before but there was no such ban."

He went on to say that it was such a short notice on June 13 while World Cup started on June 14. They also didn`t know how to get the permission either. Most cafes haven`t been granted permission but still show the matches, saying that they will deal with any punishments later.

A VTV representative later said they had received feedback from FIFA about broadcasting and viewing rights and admitted that local football cafes and bars in Vietnam didn`t violate copyright rules.

"Broadcasting World Cup 2018 is not a violation if the matches are broadcasted via VTV channels, HCM Television channels and on personal devices at public locations non-commercially, meaning not for brand advertisement or to collect viewing fees," VTV wrote in a notice.

Pay channels must inform and reach a long-term agreement with VTV to avoid violation. Other cases will be considered a copyright violation if they can`t acquire written permission from FIFA.

Source: VietNamNet

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