Cha Ruoi ( Sandworm omelettee )- a specialty in Hanoi when autumn comes



1.  A specialty in Hanoi when autumn comes


“Cha ruoi” ( Sandworm omelettee )- is a scarce specialty of Hanoi and North Vietnam, because the nereididae sandworm only can be found in a short season. “Cha ruoi” which is crispy outside, soft inside, greasy and the delicious smell pervades all the guests is often sold at O Quan Chuong, in Lo Duc st and Gia Ngu st.


Cha Ruoi ( Sandworm omelettee )

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Cha ruoi is not available all year round. Sandworm is a type of sand worm that can only be found from the end of September to the middle of October. The short season is why Hanoians regard Cha Ruoi as a special but expensive gift from nature.

The sand worm doesn’t live in Hanoi – it lives in the mangroves and wetlands along the coast. In the capital, cha ruoi is a delicacy this time of year – the delicious smell of it cooking is very pervasive, a temptation to passers-by. The combination of fried Sandworm and egg is irresistible. It is usually served with vermicelli, salad and fish sauce.

The cool change of autumn is coming, so it’s about time to taste Cha Ruoi and enjoy the sweet gift of nature.


Source: Vietwindtravel